Paint Color Schemes That Suit Your Living Room

The right paint color scheme sets the tone of a living room. What’s more, the paint color that you choose for your living room lifts mood of this living space while reflecting your personality. That’s why you should be very careful when selecting the paint color schemes for your living room.

Although neutral paint color schemes provide blank canvas, there is a lot that you can achieve by adding color. For instance, different color shades can have a calming or uplifting effect. Therefore, make sure that the paint color that you choose reflects your personality while setting the mood of your living room.

Consider Turquoise

A vibrant shade is ideal for you if you want to add character and personality to the living room during the day and at night. A turquoise hue that comes with an energizing vivacity won’t be overwhelming. And you can complement it with mid blue colors. But, keep the floor pale to strike a balance as you continue with the woodwork that includes architraves, skirting, and shutters. White on shelving, artwork, furniture, and lighting will create a cooling influence on your color-saturated scheme.

Match Shelving and Walls

You can create an impressive feature in your living room by painting the shelves and walls in a similar shade. This trick works very well when used with boxed shelving especially if it runs from one wall to another and from the ceiling to the floor. Carefully selected paint color can create a mellow contrast with white woodwork. It will also blend with furniture and tone the flooring effortlessly. Use autumnal shades like burnt orange and olive green to create a seasonal effect.

Seek Harmony

Warm up the living space during colder months with gorgeous plum tones. Achieve this by combining shades of dusky and claret rose to make a snug and toasty space. Color-block your main wall with port-wine red color to bring in a heritage element. To ensure that the paint color scheme doesn’t go overdrive, use mauve-grays, gray, and brown on other elements and accessories in your living room.

Eclectic Elegance

This paint color scheme includes jade green, yellow green and turquoise. These shades create a sophisticated and cohesive look in a living room. Combined with the color of furniture, this scheme creates a unified eclectic mix that makes a living room stand out.

Regardless of the size or shape of your living room, there is a paint color scheme that suits it. Consider these paint color schemes to choose one that perfectly suits your living room.


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